Tigers intent on keeping Scherzer

The Tigers’ primary focus is on re-signing marquee free agent Max Scherzer, according to ESPN’s Buster Olney.

The market for Scherzer has been relatively quiet so far this offseason, though that’s likely to change over the next 24 hours with fellow free agent starter Jon Lester expected to announce his decision.

Olney writes that the Tigers are not only “prepared to spend big, big dollars” to sign Scherzer, but that they also plan to keep co-ace David Price in the fold for 2015, as well. Again, there has been very little talk surrounding Scherzer to this point as teams wait to see where Lester ends up.

Aside from the Tigers, other teams that have been linked to Scherzer in varying extents include the Red Sox, Yankees, Dodgers, Nationals, Phillies, Cardinals, Cubs, Giants, and Blue Jays. The team that ultimately signs Lester will obviously drop off that list.

Regardless, the final cost for Scherzer figures to be enormous, given the amount of deep-pocketed teams that are in the market for an elite starter. Scherzer, keep in mind, turned down a $144 million extension offer from the Tigers last spring.

— Paul Casella


The Detroit Tigers better keep Scherzer wood be the Biggest mistake they have ever made. So get the checkbook out and Pay HIM do not let him get away plus the fans love him and he could be the best pitcher in baseball if not this year the years to come TIGER FAN


“DO IT” Mr Illitch! Its only money, but the sheer joy one man…you, Mr Illitch, could bring to millions of folks, by stepping up and allowing Dave Dombrowski to make the deal for Scherzer… would be Historic and remembered and talked about for eons.

Spend the money on two more bats, Our catcher can’t hit his weight and with the loss of Hunter we need someone to fill the void in the outfield and in the lineup. Our pitching staff is fine with Verlander, Price, Sanchez, Porcello and Greene.
One upgrade we should consider is to move Porcello for Céspedes, Then sign Shields for half the money it will take to get Scherzer

I like the way you think Ed. We ARE fine without Scherzer. If by chance we do move Porcello for Cespedes, I would make sure that Boston adds a reliever in the package.

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