Teams still interested in trading for Angels infielders …

We forget, perhaps because it seems like so long ago that they were mentioned on the rumor mill, but second baseman Howie Kendrick and third baseman David Freese are still going into their final seasons before free agency and the Angels are still, at the very least, open minded about moving them.

Angels general manager Jerry Dipoto said teams have expressed interest in his position players, particularly his infielders

“Nothing remarkable,” he added, “but there’s the chance for some opportunities.”

Dipoto’s focus is on acquiring a utility infielder via trade, but if another team makes an intriguing offer in a deal involving Freese or Kendrick — perhaps a frontline starter, though more players would probably have to get involved — it could get interesting.

“Our stance has never been, ‘We’re not moving anybody,'” Dipoto said. “Our stance is always, ‘The line’s open, we’re going to listen.’ There’s guys who are going to be much tougher for us to move than others. We are not in a rush to move our players. We feel like we have an average-to-better player on the field at every position, and to bust that out, it’s going to have to be a compelling reason. But if there’s a compelling reason, we will not hesitate. We will do what we feel makes the Angels a better team in the medium term and in the long term.”

So everybody is available, right?

Well, not Mike Trout.

Dipoto said he’s never even received a call about Trout. If a rival executive does call him about Trout, “I will just wait ’til they’re done and say no. I will opt not to be rude.”


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Try and trade Albert Pewholes, please….har-de-har-har-har!! The dumbest, most detrimental signing in the history of professional sports. Took the Angels down several notches, cost the team Napoli, Morales, & Trumbo….and you’ve gotta bat him 3rd no matter how putrid he plays. You’ve got the best #3 hitter since Mickey Mantle, and you bat him 2nd. Trade Pewholes and pick u p $15M/year for the next 7 years…..har-de-har-har-har…..While the Cardinals haven’t missed a beat without that ungrateful money-grubber. Har-de-har….

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