Dodgers, Phillies have also discussed possible deal for Utley

The Dodgers and Phillies may not be done as trade partners. The two teams have reportedly agreed on a deal that will send Jimmy Rollins to Los Angeles and his double play partner, Chase Utley, could be soon to follow.

Tim Brown of Yahoo Sports posted in a tweet that the teams also discussed a trade that could involve Utley. Now the Dodgers have a separate deal reportedly in place to ship their second baseman, Dee Gordon, to the Marlins in a move that would seemingly to free up the position for Utley.

Utley, 35, has spent his entire 12-year career with the Phillies, much like Rollins. Utley had battled injury problems during the past few years but finally stayed healthy in 2014. He played in 155 games, his most since 2009, batted .270 with 11 homers while driving in 78 made the All-Star game.

-Jamal Collier


Why? They have a 28 million dollar second baseman who just tore up triple A.

That kinda donned me when Dee left to Miami but getting a veteran like Utley would be great for the line up, and the Chemestry between rolling a and Utley would stay the same

Utley and Rollins are stop gap for a year until Seager and Guerrero are ready. I think LA wants to get them one more year in Oklahoma City.

Utley is the man who took the Phillies to a World Series Championship. He’s one of the top 5 players in the most important category, one that can’t be measured statistically: being worth more than the sum of his parts. Torii Hunter usta be #1 in that category. Chipper usta be #2, but he’s gone. Jeter, tied with Chipper, gone as well. Others gifted with this characteristic: Pedroia, Tulowitzki, Verlander, and, most especially: Buster Posey, the reigning Worth More Than the Sum King!! The Dodgers perform like their minds are on their bank accounts. Rollins & Utley might inject the few dedicated Dodgers (Kershaw, AGon, Ethier, Uribe) with the get-up-and-go necessary to go all the way.

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