Mets add outfielder in Mayberry Jr.

The Mets have reportedly signed outfielder John Mayberry Jr. to a Major League contract, according to Jon Heyman of

Mayberry was non-tendered by the Blue Jays earlier this month, making him a free agent. The Phillies traded him to Toronto at the non-waiver Trade Deadline in August. In 78 games between the Phils and Jays, Mayberry hit .212 with seven home runs and 10 doubles.

A first-round pick in the 2005 First-Year Player Draft, Mayberry has a lifetime .208 average over six Major League seasons. He can play all three outfield positions, as well as first base.

–Austin Laymance


The Mets are a joke, is unbelievable how they find this nobody baseball players and want to make it feel like it’s a big deal. They’re wasting all the pitching talent by having a mediocre offensive team. I’m a Met fan and will not go to City Field to see this amateur team.

I prefer the 51’s, the Triple A affiliate to the REAL METS! What a bunch of lousy-playing fruitcakes! Bring back the ’86 Mets and challenge the NOW Mets to a game…. END THE FRUITCAKE-ISM NOW!

Alderson has his head so far in his arse he can taste last nigts dinner. WHy in the world would he sign an outfielder who sukssssss when he has so many of them right now? Inexplicable the isssh they do over there and these idiot met fans continue to buy tickets…

Waiting to hear Sandy say that some of the best moves are the ones you don’t make. If that’s true then the Met’s have made the best moves year after year under his regime, because they don’t make any. And please, don’t bring up Colon and Granderson, two players nobody else wanted and the Mets overpaid for!

This is hilarious simply because whenever I saw him play for the Phillies I’d always think “didn’t this guy used to play for the Mets?”

The Mets management team are a bunch of baloney-smuggling fruitcakes!

What king of negotiations is Sandy Alderson doing?; or what is the criteria he uses to pick up players?. The adquisition of Mayberry Jr. baffles me, he has plenty of mediocre players already in the organization to go after this underachiever who is going to do the same or worst than what the team already has. I haven’t seen him trying to entice good players or offering any team any packages in exchange for what he needs, in my opinion his bargaining chips are: Gee, Murphy (hits but is clueless defensively), Wheeler and Montero; with any combination of this players he could get a closer and a good outfielder with power. I feel sorry for the good pitchers on the team because there will be a lot of games lost for lack of hitting and blown out saves. As a Met fan I will take a “leave of absence” until the team is sold or the owners take this serious and bring a General Manager that knows what it takes to win in the Big Leagues.

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