D-backs have internally discussed Scherzer and Shields

On a conference call to announce the trade of Wade Miley to the Red Sox, D-backs GM Dave Stewart was asked if the fact that he was able to reduce his payroll with the deal as well as the one that sent Miguel Montero to the Cubs, meant that there might be money available to pursue free agents Max Scherzer, or James Shields.

“Had conversation about that today and so what I can tell you is that at least we’re thinking about it,” Stewart said. “Whatever we come up with internally, we did not quite come up with the answer about that today, but we did have conversation about it today.”

The D-backs payroll is now nearly $90 million and that’s right in the range team president/CEO Derrick Hall mentioned it would be when he was asked about it a week ago. So the notion that they somehow have the money to pursue either one of those free agent pitchers seems farfetched to say the least.

— Steve Gilbert

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If the DBacks don’t make any more trades, they’ll still be the worst team in baseball. They’ll simply be spending less money to get there.

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