Yankees holding off on Scherzer?

Max Scherzer is the top starting pitcher available in free agency. The Yankees could use an ace in their rotation. But that doesn’t mean the two sides are a great fit.

Scherzer, a Scott Boras client, is reportedly seeking a deal with at least $200 million guaranteed and close to Clayton Kershaw’s $215 million extension with the Dodgers, according to Newsday’s David Lennon.

The high asking price is sure to drive off many teams, though the Yankees are not typically in that category. However, Yankees general Brian Cashman said Monday that Scherzer’s number is on “a higher level than we’d like to play in right now.”

On Tuesday, Andrew Marchand of ESPN New York said he’s been told the Yanks are “absolutely not” pursuing Scherzer.

New York added to its pitching staff Tuesday, signing left-hander Chris Capuano to a one-year deal worth $5 million. The Bronx Bombers still need an elite pitcher such as Scherzer, but it appears as if they are holding off on that front for now.

It will be interesting to see if the Yankees change their tune moving forward.

–Austin Laymance


I have a really hard time believing this. Why would a team DESPERATE for a ace let one of the best in the game go???? I think they are just waiting for his asking price to drop, and once it does, pounce!

It might be so that the Yankees have so many pressing needs at this time, and so much money invested in unproductive players going forward, that they have decided to pass on this one. If you start with the notion that committing tons of money to a pitcher north of 30 is a bad idea (see CC Sabathia), and that the Yankees are not ready to compete for the division nor the WS at this time, it just does not make sense to dole out the kings ransom for this guy. The Yankees have a lot of old fellow there with very large contracts. By the time they are competitive again Scherzer might be on the downside of his career. I just think is dumb to commit so much money for a pitcher. After all they are just one pitch away from injury.

Why hold off? Because the Yankees of today are one of the worst run franchises in the sport. The Steinbrenners know nothing and care less. Cashman has not made a decent deal since….? Between them the Yankees are determined to give their fans more of the same of the past two seasons. No hitting, iffy pitching, that is the new mission statement for the Yankees. Let the Red Sux sign three starters and two hitters, the Yankees are just fine with the mess they had last year.

I must say, between the Steinbrenners and Cashman, contempt for their fans could not be more evident.

If the NYY want to win this season and be more than competitive in order to take the World Series, they need to figure out a way to add Scherzer to their roster. Shields would be nice but Scherzer needs to be the starting pitcher that they add to the roster.

I find it hard to believe that A-Rod will hit well enough to justify leaving him at DH or even keeping him on the 40 man roster. They may as well eat the $61M loss and send him packing. A Hall of Shame should be started with him as the chief cornerstone. His number should be retired to keep it off the field. He is a disgrace to bat and ball.

I would like Boras to eat his words and have his clients hung up to dry. This guy has becoming to high on his britches and needs to be knocked off a few notches. All the deals Boras has made has been one sided. Sure, it is great for the client but owners would soon wisen up after being burned too many times

The Yankees are smart to lay off this, and every big money FA pitcher in the future.
Why pay these guys for their past? You have seen the best you will see from Scherzer, he wont get better, and here come the injuries.
I’m not against signing your own FA to long term deals, because they’ve worked for you, and you know what you are getting. This idea of signing not just pitchers but ANY FA to a long term deal is for the birds. They never get better, they at best stay as good as they are for half of the length of the deal you give them.

Maybe Cashman learned something about signing aces from CC Sabathia and won’t go near another monster albatross deal for a pitcher in his 30s. Good for him – after all this time he’s finally learned something.

might be true, about Sabathia, but he is not getting Kershaw money either. Cashman obviously left some room, for a pitcher, like Sherzer. My point being, Cashman & the Yankees should be spending more money on pitching, to absorb the lose. Instead, they invest in Beltran? Seems much more reasonable to take a chance on a pitcher, like Scherzer.

scherzer’s agent is asking over 5 times what beltran got. (not that the beltran deal was good–it’s just 160-185 million dollars cheaper

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