Yankees Reportedly Check In On Tulowitzki

The Yankees were thought to have acquired their next shortstop when they traded for Didi Gregorius in December.

However, despite that transaction, it appears the Yankees are still exploring all options and have even checked in on Rockies shortstop Troy Tulowitzki, according to CBS Sports.

It does not appear any move is imminent between the Rockies and Yankees, but Tulowitzki is rumored to love the idea of playing for the Yankees and caused quite a stir when he sat in a box seat at a Yankee game during the 2014 season.

Any trade for Tulowitzki would involve multiple factors, including his health and contract situation.

The 30-year old has played more than 100 games in just one of the past three seasons, had his 2014 campaign cut short as a result of hip surgery and is owed $118 million over the next six seasons.

William Boor


this and a Max Scherzer signing would bring the Yankees back into contention! Fingers crossed i believe in TULO!!!

damn you are the only one I agree with

Haha I’m a yankee fan and I’m hoping they continue getting younger I don’t want a 30 year old tulo or scherzer.

I like that they are getting younger too. That said, I’d take on Tulo’s 100+ mill if the Rockies take A-Roid and his 61 million dollar Circus Act out of NYC. Agreed, they are both fragile, but I’d rather take a flyer on Tulo (and I’d put him at 2B and leave Didi at SS). Tulo is still almost 10 yrs younger than the Roidman.

But they won’t ask for or get arod. They’ll ask for Severino,Gregorious and Sanchez. Would you give that up for Tulo?

Tulo for A-Rod. That’d be a good deal!

Neither A-Rod’s gone by memorial day.

Why do you think jeter retired.A rod is back.Who wants to go through that.If not for the jerk we would still have 2 for one more year

He may have but would you rather 30 + year olds with injury problems like tulo etc or would you rather Didi who’s 24, Eovaldi who’ll be 25 by opening day. Refsnyder who’ll be 24 and pirela who is 25. Just me but i’m loving that yankees are getting younger and bringing up own players rather then overpaying and destroying a farm system.

Tulo fits the demographic of the Yankees: plays well when not hurt.

And hasn’t played in 100+ games in 3 years…

Sorry only play 100+ games once in the past

So everyone would give up Severino,Gregorius and Sanchez for 110 million and 30 yr old tulo?

they ain’t getting of them if those 2 want to win they won’t go to the Yankees

Dear Mr. Cashman
Please remain the course of younger player’s. I know I’m in the minority right now but when all these young guy’s can play a whole year then we will be the one’s laughing! !!!!!

Agreed I’d rather contend long term then right now.

I agree ,we finally have some young talent and now trade it away for a great player that can’t stay on the field …you didn’t learn from the broken down bundle we have now ?

Who needs Tulo. The Yankees already have enough older injured stars. Save the money and sign Scherzer. That would give the yanks a chance next year. Otherwise, 4th place.

Also everyone realises even though let’s say Scherzer gets 25 mill it’ll cost the yanks 42 mil because of the luxury tax right? At least that’s what Jack Curry says.

Tulo for A-Rod, I agree. But who will do that for us.

Why do people want to keep paying the Royals, Padres and Giants to get younger and better? That’s what paying old guys over $189 million per year does. Why win one next year when you could go on a tear for the next 4-7? Scherzer and Tulo help you win now while Didi, Sanchez, Banuelos and Refs helps you in 7-10. Remember the old days with Jeter, Mo, Pettit and Jorge? Lastly, what true Yankee fan wants A-Rod to win another World Series while flaunting the Yankee logo on his syringe.

I’m happy to see the Yankees desperately looking to contend by spending top payroll in the MLB and producing nothing. Sorry New York it’s time to rebuild and hopefully we won’t see you in the playoffs anytime soon.

If the yanks can do this if fine with it trade gerogere with 2 minor league players and have Colorado pick up half his salary then maybe you get the deal done the guy is a great player he has a career 310 lifetime hitter this would be the better move

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