Dodgers miss out on Lopez, turn focus toward Moncada

The Dodgers are reportedly turning their sights toward pursuing Cuban infielder Yoan Moncada after missing out on right-hander Yoan Lopez, according to’s Jesse Sanchez. Lopez elected to sign with the D-backs on Tuesday morning, despite being “aggressively pursued” by the Dodgers.

Though Moncada is still yet to be cleared by the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control, the 19-year-old has plans to hold seven private workouts this month with undisclosed teams. Sanchez expects the Dodgers to be one of those clubs, while Fangraphs’ Kiley McDaniel has also mentioned the Yankees and Red Sox as potential landing spots.

Moncada, a middle infielder who can also play third base, is widely considered one of the top international prospects in the game right now, with Sanchez ranking him atop his list of Cuban players to watch.

— Paul Casella


The Lad already signed two ” Super players” two ” Phenoms” ..Arruebarruena and Guerrero…..and where are they? ..Arruebaruena can’t hit AAA or MLB Pitching and Guerrero doesn’t have Defensive Skills to play in the Majors…..and now they are going after another one?
What is this ? the game of the Tentative , finding out if these ” great Phenoms” are that..? ” Phenoms” ?? like i said before and i will say it again….95% of the Cubans Defectors since 1980 haven’t done much or haven’t play in the majors…many came to the U.S and didn’t even pursuit an MLB career, BCs they were a bunch of body Bags…..people think they are all Abreu’s , Puig’s and Ramire’z….or Chapman’s…when out of over 300 Defectors…over 250 of them never made it…never even passed AA…and if they did they played AAA for 3 years or Betancourt, Escobar…Pena, Alonso, Grandal, Nieto, Martin, Despaigne, Bueno, Herrera, Valdes, Viciedo..who are from average to mediocre…

Morales can be added to the list of Average to Medicore….players who came over and played years in AAA, still they are average to mediocre in the majors…and this is the list of the ones who made it…look up the list that spend years in Mexico , only to retire, move on or finally go to Japan….like M Abreu, Casanas, Duenas, Yasser Gomez, Yuniesky Sanchez, Donell Linares, Juan C Linares, Mustelier, Mujica, Leslie Anderson, JL Toca, Jose Ruiz, Padron , Ibarra, Concepcion, Maels Rodriguez, duquesito Hdez, Soler, Maya, Marti, Roberto Carlos…and on and on…all players from this list were also called Stars, Super players, Phenoms….!!! and paid millions each..some of them were Battling Champs in the Cuban Series…

I agree 100% with you , they are good players ,but they are not a can’t miss prospects , cespedes was supost to be the best all around coming from Cuba ,and look at him 3 years in the majors , never hit 300 or 30 homer, only once 100 RBIs…

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