‘A lot of teams jumping back in’ on Shields

When the off season started, there were three frontline starters looking for a team. Now that Jon Lester has inked a deal with the Cubs and Max Scherzer has joined the Nationals, James Shields is the lone man standing.

Shields, 33, has been linked to several teams – including the Diamondbacks, Blue Jays and Tigers – throughout the off season, but now that he’s the last big name pitcher left, things are starting to get interesting.

“What I see now is a lot of teams jumping back in,” an executive told ESPN. “But part of the reason is, they’re saying, ‘We know now he’s not getting $110 million, so why not jump back in?’ But the problem is, now everyone is bottom-feeding. And when you’re someone like him, that’s the last thing you want, is a lot of teams bottom-feeding on you in late January.”

On Sunday, USA Today reported that Shields has been seeking a five-year deal worth $125 million, but that offers were falling short of that.

Shields posted a 3.21 ERA in 227 innings last season and has made 31 or more starts in eight straight seasons.

William Boor

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