Phillies Looking at Billingsley

The Phillies lack starting pitching depth, so they’re still looking for pitching help with Spring Training less than a month away. reported they are looking at free-agent Chad Billingsley, who made just two starts in 2013 and pitched just three innings in the Minor Leagues last season because of elbow problems. He is reportedly healthy, and would be low-risk, low-cost option for Philadelphia.

If everybody is healthy and nobody is traded when camp opens, the Phillies’ rotation includes Cole Hamels, Cliff Lee, Aaron Harang, Jerome Williams and David Buchanan. Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez also will get a look as a starter. But with Hamels and Lee trade chips they could be gone in the next few months, which would leave the Phillies short on starting pitchers.

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In what way is Cliff Lee, a 36 year old pitcher on $25 million with 81 innings and a WAR of 0.6 last year, a “trade chip?”
Great pitcher, superb career, only a loony would pick him up at this point.

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