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Tigers unlikely to bid on Reyes, Rollins, Ramirez

Credit MLB Network Radio’s Jim Bowden for his interview Friday afternoon with Dave Dombrowski, who reiterated his stance that aren’t going to be getting into a bidding frenzy on Jose Reyes, or Jimmy Rollins, or Aramis Ramirez. The Ramirez remark was new compared to Dombrowski’s remarks last week, since Ramirez is a third baseman rather than a shortstop.

Bowden asked Dombrowski if there’s “any chance that you guys could play on a Reyes or Rollins … or any chance you would have interest in Aramis Ramirez, that kind of player?”

Dombrowski’s answer:

“Well, I kind of doubt it, would be my answer to that. I wouldn’t discount anything. I think our approach this wintertime is, we’re going to look to get better probably in smaller increments, but you never can tell what takes place in the wintertime. If something falls in your lap, and if it’s something — we have a tremendous owner in Mike Ilitch, he’s very aggressive — and if something falls in your lap … but I can’t see us being the leader in the front in those things. Because in our situation here, and we have a very hefty payroll, but we’re in a spot where you’re talking about having a Verlander and a Cabrera. You’ve got two $20 million guys, and in our market, you can only have so many of those type of guys. So I would doubt it, but again, you never know where dollars end up and what may fall through as the winter goes on.”

Read into the remarks, and the scenario kind of sounds like what Pudge Rodriguez and Magglio Ordonez faced when they signed with Detroit years ago, where the Tigers were the last players on the market and not in a bidding competition. Reyes already sounds like he’s going to have no shortage of interest. Rollins has the option of going back to Philadelphia. With more demand than supply at third base, it’ll be interesting to see how the market develops on the 33-year-old Ramirez.

Dombrowski also said emphatically that they’ll offer Delmon Young a contract. he left a slight opening, but not nearly as big as it seemed a week ago.

“I mean, we’re not going to non-tender Delmon Young. I mean, that’s just not going to happen,” he said. “But now, when I say that, you always put one-thousandth of a percent [open], if something falls on your lap, that you don’t anticipate. But we like Delmon Young. Delmon Young did a fine job for us, and he’s in a situation this year that he’s going into the last year of his contract, as we’re all aware, his free agency year.

“He did not play as well with Minnesota early. He had some injuries coming back from the offseason. He got a little bit bigger, and I think he got bigger from all conversations, in his own mind thinking he needed to add more power. Well, to me, Delmon doesn’t need to add more power. This guy’s got tremendous power all over the ballpark. He’s a guy that’s going to hit 20, 25, 30 home runs and knock in 100 for us. And so, we’re not going to non-tender Delmon. It would just be a situation where something just completely out of the blue took place. He’s our left fielder and look for his bat in the lineup on a daily basis.”

– Jason Beck

Ordonez, Guillen plan on playing in 2012

If Magglio Ordonez has his way, his last memory on a baseball field won’t be of him trying to hobble around with a re-fractured ankle. The All-Star outfielder and former batting champion is set to start rehab shortly with the goal of playing next season, his good friend and longtime teammate Carlos Guillen said.

That fits in with other reports from the past few weeks suggesting Ordonez would go through the rehab process and try to play. Ordonez himself hasn’t been quoted since the Tigers season ended in the ALCS.

Tigers president/general manager Dave Dombrowski said last week that Ordonez underwent surgery to repair his fractured right ankle. Guillen said in a phone interview Saturday that Ordonez is going to start the rehab process shortly, again working out in south Florida.

“He’s doing better,” Guillen said.

So, too, is Guillen, who says this will be his first offseason with his full health in a few years. Like Ordonez, Guillen is a free agent, and he plans on playing.

“Why not? If you feel you can play, why not,” he asked.

Neither of them will be playing with theTigers, barring a reversal of plans. Dombrowski said last week that he told Ordonez and Guillen in the season’s final weeks that Detroit had no plans to re-sign them once they hit the free-agent market at season’s end. Ordonez, who turns 38 years old in January, has been a Tiger since 2005. The 36-year-old Guillen has been a Tiger since 2004, when he was one of the first moves in the Tigers’ rebuilding plan.

“It’s baseball,” Guillen said. “You know where you start. You never know where you finish. I understand.”

– Jason Beck

Tigers still looking for reliever

With a few hours left before the non-waiver Trade Deadline, the Tigers are still looking for one more deal that would help their bullpen with a right-handed reliever. Though they already added a righty with David Pauley as part of the Doug Fister trade, they could use another to help take some workload off of Al Alburquerque, who hasn’t pitched since last Sunday due to inflammation around the ulnar nerve in his right elbow.

Alburquerque played catch Saturday and felt improvement, giving Tigers officials optimism that he can avoid a DL stint. Still, given the off and on elbow issues he has experienced this summer, it wouldn’t be a stretch to suggest they’re going to have to keep an eye on him. reported the Tigers have been in touch with the Padres, who have Chad Qualls, and have shown interest in Rays righty Joel Peralta and Baltimore’s Jim Johnson.

Tigers manager Jim Leyland gave no indication the Tigers were done dealing when he talked with reporters Sunday morning.

“Would I be shocked [by another deal]? No,” Leyland said. “I really can’t say that I’d be expecting another move, but I wouldn’t be shocked.”

– Jason Beck

Another Tigers trade possible, but not big

Tigers president/general manager Dave Dombrowski didn’t rule out another trade before Sunday afternoon’s non-waiver Trade Deadline. But judging from his remarks, if something does happen, it’s likely to be a smaller swap. The roster, for the most part, is set.

“I don’t know if we’ll do anything,” Dombrowski said Saturday afternoon after announcing the trade for Doug Fister and David Pauley.

“I mean, we continue to talk to people, see if there’s ways to make our club better. Again, you never tell what comes out of the blue at this point. Anything can come out of the blue. But our starting pitching, we feel this solidifies our starting rotation. We’re not going to make any moves with our positional players. The way our club settles is the way it is. I guess if there’s one spot that came out of the blue, it might be a bullpen situation, but if we finished here, we’d be happy.”

The Tigers reportedly remain in the mix for Colorado starter Ubaldo Jimenez, but it’s difficult to see them pulling off a deal unless the Rockies’ asking price drops dramatically. After reports Friday night suggested the Rockies wanted Rick Porcello and Max Scherzer, Dombrowski said Saturday that any trade discussion involving their current starters is and has been a non-starter.

“We have never, ever contemplated trading anybody off our starting staff at this level,” Dombrowski said. “That never has been part of any conversations. Have we been asked for that? Yes. Have we ever contemplated or talked about that? No.

“And when you really stop and think about it, it would make no sense whatsoever, because you’re trying to plug a hole and you just created another hole.”

Conceivably, the Tigers could trade a starter and upgrade to another starter now that Fister is in the fold. But the core group of the Tigers rotation looks very much intact. When Dombrowski talked about his starting staff and where Turner fits in, he talked about them as a long-term group.

Ace Justin Verlander is under contract for three more seasons. Rick Porcello and Max Scherzer don’t hit free agency until the same time. With that in mind, part of the appeal for the Tigers with Fister was that they can keep him for four more years after this before he can become a free agent.

“We’re very happy,” Dombrowski said. “All of a sudden, you look forward and we’re in a spot where you have Verlander and Scherzer and Porcello, who we can see now starting to dial it up like he’s capable, and Fister, who’s a very good pitcher. Four young guys, four guys for an extended period, and we still have Jacob Turner behind them.”

– Jason Beck

Tigers calling up Turner, closing in on deal

Forget about Tigers top prospect Jacob Turner going to Colorado. It appears the right-hander is coming to Detroit. But if the Tigers can complete trade talks in the coming hours, it also appears that it won’t be a long stay.

Turner was abruptly scratched from his scheduled start for Double-A Erie last night and left the SeaWolves, who were in Akron for a weekend series. That move, which was confirmed Friday night, prompted speculation he was about to be traded, especially after a report suggested the Tigers were willing to include him in a trade package for Rockies ace Ubaldo Jimenez.

Instead, he’s expected to be called up by the Tigers to start Saturday night against the Angels at Comerica Park in what would be his Major League debut.’s Jon Heyman first reported the call-up.

Now, that start is sounding more like a spot assignment.’s Danny Knobler reports that the Tigers are hopeful of completing a deal today with the Mariners for right-hander Doug Fister. That trade could include Tigers left-handed prospect Charlie Furbush, Knobler reported.

It wouldn’t be the blockbuster some might have hoped the Tigers would do with Jimenez, but it would fill Detroit’s fifth starter void quite nicely without forcing Detroit to sell out its farm system. Though the 27-year-old Fister owns a 3-12 record, his 3.33 ERA ranks 20th among AL starters, ahead of every current Detroit starter not named Justin Verlander. His 1.17 WHIP ratio ranks 15th.

– Jason Beck

Time for Tigers to whittle down starting options

One way or another, the Tigers’ month-long search for starting pitching is nearing a resolution. And with Sunday afternoon’s non-waiver Trade Deadline looming, they appear to be going through their many options to see where there’s a realistic shot at a deal, including the top option on the market.

The Tigers made contact with the Rockies on Thursday about Ubaldo Jimenez, according to, to see if there’s a trade scenario that makes sense. But unless Detroit is willing to trade top prospect Jacob Turner, it’s difficult to envision one of those scenarios meeting what Colorado wants. Reports have mentioned Rick Porcello as someone the Rockies could accept instead, but Jimenez in Porcello’s spot doesn’t solve the void at the back end of Detroit’s rotation, where the Tigers haven’t picked up a win since mid-June. Thus, it doesn’t make the Tigers better this year, which is what team president/general manager Dave Dombrowski is looking for.

The Turner scenario has been brought up by plenty of other teams over the last year or so, and quickly rejected each time. But the Tigers are in a win-now mode, with Dombrowski, manager Jim Leyland, most of the front office and all of the coaching staff in contract years. If Detroit were to ever part with Turner before he reaches the big leagues, Jimenez — 27 years old, and under contract for three more years — is the type of player that could do it.

If it isn’t, then the Tigers will have find a workable deal out of their other options, which now include Washington’s Jason Marquis. Dodgers starter Hiroki Kuroda remains a possibility, while others mentioned as targets of interest include Baltimore’s Jeremy Guthrie, San Diego’s Aaron Harang and Seattle’s Doug Fister, Jason Vargas and Erik Bedard. The Tigers are expected to scout Bedard’s return from the disabled list for the M’s Friday night, but given how their trade for Jarrod Washburn two years ago backfired because of a knee injury they knew about before the deal, it’s difficult to envision the Tigers taking that risk again.

– Jason Beck

Don’t count out Tigers from relief market

The Tigers could allow themselves a sigh of relief on Thursday upon learning that Al Alburquerque’s elbow issues aren’t serious. The diagnosis was mild inflammation, not tendinitis, and nothing structurally wrong. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they could allow themselves to relax about their bullpen situation. Whether it prompts the Tigers to look closer at middle relief options is an intriguing question heading into Sunday’s nonwaiver Trade Deadline.

In a year when the Tigers gotten nothing from injured Joel Zumaya and next to nothing from Ryan Perry, Alburquerque and his nearly unhittable slider have been pretty much a godsend. But his elbow has been a cause for concern all summer, and a reason for conservation with his workload. Detroit lost him to the disabled list for two weeks early this month, and the void was big. The fact that Chance Ruffin, just called up from the minors in his first pro season, filled the middle-inning righty relief role without him Thursday demonstrates just how much the Tigers have relied on Alburquerque.

Whether they can stay that way for the final two months is a little bigger question now than it was a week ago. Detroit’s trade priority has always been starting pitching, and if the Tigers make one move this weekend, it’ll be for that. But it wouldn’t be a surprise if they at least look over options for righty middle relief. They were mentioned as a potential destination for Baltimore’s Koji Uehara, according to the Baltimore Sun, and it wouldn’t be a surprise if they explored smaller possibilities. They don’t need a closer type, or even a setup man, but they could look for depth.

– Jason Beck

Tigers owner pushing hard for playoffs

In case there was any question lingering whether the pressure was on Tigers president/general manager Dave Dombrowski and manager Jim Leyland to get Detroit its first division title since 1987, team owner Mike Ilitch reiterated his strong desire to win now. He didn’t say he expected a division title, but he wasn’t far off.

“I’d be extremely disappointed if we don’t [win one this year],” Ilitch said in a group interview recorded and posted by WXYT-FM 97.1. “We’ve got a good team.”

Though Ilitch was talking with Detroit media at the press conference for Red Wing Kris Draper’s retirement Tuesday morning at Joe Louis Arena, Ilitch spent a good amount of time talking about the Tigers. Like most Tigers fans, Ilitch is looking and waiting for his club to add a starting pitcher on the trade market before Sunday’s non-waiver Trade Deadline. Payroll, Ilitch indicated, will not be an issue.

So far, by every indication, nothing is close. But judging by the owner’s comments, he’s open to plenty of possibilities, maybe even some that cost them coveted prospects.

“We need that No. 5 guy,” Ilitch said. “We’ve got some [pitching] prospects, but when you’re in a tough race like this, it’s hard to throw some of them in there when you’re a game or two this way or that way.”

Asked if he expects to have a deal by Sunday, Ilitch couldn’t say.

“I don’t know,” Ilitch said. “I haven’t been presented with anything. [Dombrowski] hasn’t been able to bring anything to me that he feels makes sense at this point.”

So far, the Tigers have been reluctant to part with top prospects in any trade since the Miguel Cabrera deal four years ago. Whenever the Tigers have been asked about Futures Game participant and potential 2012 starter Jacob Turner over the past year, they’ve indicated no willingness to deal him.

Part of that reflects Ilitch’s desire to build a strong farm system. But with the Tigers fighting to maintain their division lead, Ilitch hinted that waiting for prospects to emerge might have its limits.

“We’ve done a fairly good job,” Ilitch said. “We’ve been competitive. I put a lot of emphasis on the farm system, and you can’t get carried away with the farm system. That Tommy John [surgery] always seems to surface.

“It looks like when you look at the system, geez, we’ve got six [top prospects] here. For sure, two are going to be stars. It just doesn’t work that way in baseball. It’s much different than some of the other sports.”

– Jason Beck

Look out Below: Tigers still looking for starter

Duane Below arguably deserved a better fate in his second Major League start for the Tigers Monday night, whether it was the low pickoff throw that first baseman Miguel Cabrera dug out but couldn’t ready to fire to second, or the two potential third strikes that were close but weren’t called in the decisive fifth inning.

All in all, it was a better outing than his four runs over 4 2/3 innings. In another situation, he arguably has done enough to deserve another look or two in Detroit’s rotation. But with a pennant race heating up, the July 31 trade deadline approaching and both manager Jim Leyland and president/general manager Dave Dombrowski in the final year of their contracts, it won’t stop the Tigers’ search for a more proven arm for their rotation.

The Tigers continue to scout arms around the league, and most likely will for the next day or two. Once the Tigers return home Thursday, scouts and officials will be comparing notes. Hiroki Kuroda remains the most mentioned name in rumors, but Derek Lowe, Aaron Harang, Jeremy Guthrie, Jason Vargas and Doug Fister have all been included as well, among others.

Below’s spot in the rotation comes up on Saturday against the Angels, the same team that faced Charlie Furbush in his first Major League start a few weeks ago. Unless a trade comes together in the next couple days, Below is expected to get that start. Will that be Below’s final start, for now at least? Well, there are two ways are looking at it.

The trade deadline is Sunday afternoon, so if the Tigers have another starter — and they’re very much expected to add somebody, whether it’s a bigger name or a smaller one — he’ll be in place for next week. Plus, the Tigers have next Monday off, so they can tinker with their rotation to fit in whoever they get. Sunday, the day of the trade deadline, is Verlander’s spot, so he could come back and pitch the next Friday at Kansas City. With two series against the Indians in a two-week span, where Verlander slots is important.

– Jason Beck

Tigers still focused on trading for starter

The Tigers made their first deal ahead of the July 31 trade deadline by trading for Wilson Betemit on Wednesday. If team president/general manager Dave Dombrowski can help it, it won’t be their last.

While Dombrowski talked about the Betemit trade as a goal accomplished, he made it clear he still wants to add a starting pitcher.

“Our attention is on pitching,” Dombrowski said before Wednesday’s game. “It hasn’t swayed from that whatsoever. We are still looking for a starting pitcher. Maybe Duane Below will throw a shutout and maybe he’ll be our answer. You can never tell. But we continue to look for a guy to put in our starting rotation.”

Below gave up three runs over five-plus innings in his Major League debut Wednesday night. The Tigers haven’t said anything about another start for him after this one. That could well depend on whether the Tigers can swing a deal in the next few days.

If they don’t, it won’t be for lack of effort. Between rumors reported and scouts sighted, the Tigers have been tied to more potential starting pitchers on the market than can be counted on one hand. They’ve no doubt taken a look at many more.

As of Wednesday, there was no sign anything was close.

“I’ve had numerous conversations already and will continue to have numerous conversations,” Dombrowski said. “That won’t stop.”

He did not want to predict whether one of those will result in a deal.

“I don’t know if anything will happen or not,” Dombrowski said. “We’re trying.”

– Jason Beck


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